Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Underage Morons

I worked night shift the other night when this punk came in. He wanted to buy cigarettes so I ID'ed him. Naturally, he didn't have it on him.

Like they all do, he starts telling me that he comes in here all the time.

So he starts looking around and sees my husband-to-be (who happened to be just visiting) sitting near the register. He's like 'You remember me, dude, right? You see me in here all the time.'

I politely informed him that my husband-to-be doesn't even work there, and all he said was 'Oh.' So he storms out, and of course, peeled away in his car.

Why do people do this? Do they think that squealing their tires will scare me or something? Am I going to poop my pants in fear that this guy may come back?

To all the underage teens out there: I don't give a fuck who you are, how many times you come in the store, or even that you turned 18 yesterday. If you don't have your ID, get out of my store and go bother someone else.


  1. Once when I was working as a cashier at a liquor counter a young man came in drinking from a can of beer and wanted to purchase a six pack. When I asked him for ID he looks at me and says, "You see I'm drinking one, don't you?" Ha. Moron!

  2. We had a couple young cashiers get busted for selling to minors. Not only did they get fined but they also got fired. They sign a paper when they start saying that selling to minors is grounds for immediate termination. What's so hard about asking for ID, the only ones who get pissed about it are the kids who don't have it

  3. LOL! I can't believe he looked at your husband-to-be and expected him to recognize him! I get so happy when I get ID' makes me feel young! Anyone under 40 should have their ID ready for the cashier EVERYTIME. What if the cashier that normally rings them up isn't there that day and someone else is working that shift. Is that cashier supposed to magically know how old they are? I wonder if these kids try to get into a bar without an ID...


  4. LOL, Your cigarette drama cracks me up.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. did you realize that you posted that at 11:11? thats supposed to be the 'wishing' hour, right? maybe youll get your wish, and the next underager will get punched in the face by your fiancee. i think that would be funnier than if they just tried to make you poop your pants.



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