Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please Go Away Annoying Lottery Lady

Today was extremely busy. So busy, in fact, that I got pissed off at a regular customer.

This woman has been coming into our store for about 15 years now. She is, of course, a lottery customer. Ever since I started working there full-time, she made sure that I was the only person that printed her lottery tickets. So for about 8 years now, I've played her tickets for her.

She's become the most annoying person on the planet.

She will come in and get angry if I'm not there. Get angry as in yelling at whoever IS there about why I'm not there.

If I haven't pre-warned her that I'm taking a day off, she will bitch about it to my co-workers. She complains about me, yet buys me Christmas presents every year.

She sometimes calls on the phone to give me her numbers if she's going to be late. If I don't answer the phone, she repeatedly calls every 60 seconds until someone answers the phone. One time I refused to answer the phone and I swear it rang 20 times within a half hour before I couldn't take it anymore and picked up.

The thing that irritates me most about this lady is that after every transaction with her, she will confirm with me what day I am working next. I've been dealing with this lady for 8 years now, you think she'd know my freaking schedule by now.

Fortunately I pissed her off today by telling her that I won't be in on Saturday. I could see the steam coming from her ears. I swear I even think I saw Satan in her eyes.

Hopefully she wins the lottery one day and leaves me alone for good.


  1. She needs to start taking her medication. Good grief she needs a life and she certainly needs to let you have your life. What a loser. I seriously don't know how you can put up with this collection of oddballs you call customers.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Well if she does win the lottery the very least she can do is give you a huge tip for putting up with her annoying self!

  3. Sandee: Yeah, she's a little obsessed with the lottery. Maybe I should slip her the Gamblers Anonymous hotline. :-)

    Jeanette: Actually, when she does win (small amounts), she always gives me a tip. But I'd rather not put up with her at all instead of getting a tip.

  4. If she wins the lottery...she should give you HALF. Seriously.

  5. Poor thing! I mean the lottery lady. I hate seeing people get so obsessed with that kind of stuff. Alex buys a ticket (quick pick) once in a while if he thinks about it and then forgets to see if we won. LOL! Maybe we're millionaires and don't even know it!

  6. maybe she thinks her good fortune lies in your hands...

    from SITS :)

  7. I just love customers like that NOT.

  8. I bet if she wins the lottery she'll think she has good luck and decide to buy even MORE tickets!

    I have a customer like that where I work who will speak to nobody but me...except mine is a creepy old dude who walks closer to you when you try to move away or back away from him...


    Hope you get to enjoy your Saturday off! :-)

  9. I thought you were her good luck charm or something. She isn't even winning? No offense, but I would go to someone else. :-)

  10. Hey she might win and give you a tip for helping her. She sounds really annoying though. I would probably just mess with her to drive her nuts for the hell of it.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  11. She better give you half when she wins!

  12. I, too, work a lottery machine. I feel your pain! In addition to our lottery, we also have one of those instant ticket vending machines. My favorite people? The ones who go back and forth between my lottery & the instant ticket. For an hour. And these are the regular customers! Sometimes I swear they spend more time in the store than I do.



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