Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday Weekend Fun

As usual, I had to work the weekend. It was extra special because it was a holiday weekend. That meant tons of beer, ice and propane tanks were sold.

Which also meant that I had to go outside and unlock the ice cooler and propane cage for every single customer that wanted them. And that is the one thing I hate doing.

That also meant that I got bitched at by other customers waiting in line every time I stepped away from the register to go outside.

I don't know why everyone was in such a freaking hurry this weekend. My advice?


Why come into a store and push around the cashier just because you couldn't get your lazy ass out of bed and now you're late for the family picnic? It's not my fault you're cranky because you didn't get any last night. Invest in a blow-up doll.

I had to go outside to get a customer some ice, and one guy was in line and yelling at me to get back behind the register. Because of him, I took an extra long time outside helping the customer.

I think I seriously need a break from people. Or at least make sure I don't work any holiday weekends. People seem to have forgotten what certain holidays are all about.


  1. Haha, sometimes I would love to tell a customer that, the more he complains, the longer I'm going to take doing whatever I'm doing. If he's polite and well behaved...well, then I will do my very best to hurry up.

  2. Yeah I am always asking people why do you wait until the last minute to get beer or propane. The only thing I can get with getting day of, is ice because most people don't have room to store a bag of ice in their freezer.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Yep, they could have done lots of this stuff the day before too. Well except for the ice. I do see that people are downright rude during most holidays. Sorry you had so many.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. Invest in a blow up doll? I love that! You rock!

  5. It would be tough will people feeling their purchase was the most important. Stopping from SITS!

  6. Ah yes, holidays do seem to bring out the crank in people. What's so hard about being nice, they're the ones with the day off, they should be more considerate of the people who get stuck working a holiday.

  7. hahahah, I loved your it's not my fault you're cranky because you didn't get any last night!!! I've actually told my boss that he needs to get a little, or I'm going to call his wife and tell her he needs it.

    Loved your post



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