Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Idiot of the Week

I love how shitty people always get away with stuff. I wanted to title this post 'Fuckface of the Week', but my mom hates when I swear.

The other day we had a customer come in telling us that something was wrong with one of our pumps. So we go outside to look, and the screen that tells you how much gas you've pumped is cracked and smashed in.

So we go look it up on our security cameras to see what the hell happened.

Upon further review, we see that about an hour before, a guy was pumping gas. Apparently he was arguing with the woman in his car, because we can see his arms flailing about. Then, he says something to her, turns around, and punches out the pump screen. He continues filling up his gas while yelling at her, and then drives away.

That screen that he punched out is going to cost $600 to fix because he damaged all kinds of computer hardware stuff inside when he did that.

We got a license plate from the cameras, yet when the police checked on it, I guess the license plate didn't match the car nor anyone that lived at that residence.

So once again, some shithead is going to get away with damaging someone else's property.

Hopefully something good will come out of this, but I doubt it. Trash that punches out people/stuff usually make sure to cover their tracks.


  1. Some people can fall into a puddle of shit and still manage to come out smelling like a rose.

  2. Most of the time they are in jail for punches their old ladies. They don't really get away with much. He's so stupid that you'll see him again. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. I'm sorry. That really does stink. Unfortunately the world is full of crappy people like that that get away with unreal amounts of stuff.

    (((HUGS))) Maybe today will be better. No creepy dudes...no damages to store/pumps...no crazy lottery ticket purchasers...just a normal run of the mill day...

    Is that even possible though as a Convenience Store Cashier? What is "normal" for you after all?

  4. The good thing about Jersey is no pumping your own gas. I suppose there are a lot less headaches that way.

  5. Hopefully the jerk will get what's coming to him eventually

  6. Go ahead and call him Fuckface! It applies!

  7. Hope the insurance covers it. maybe next week will be better.



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