Friday, June 4, 2010

Why Can't I Pump My Gas??

If you want to pump gas at our store, you will have to pay us first. We don't automatically turn the pumps on anymore because as gas prices went up, so did the number of drive-offs.

So we have signs everywhere saying that if you are paying cash, you have to prepay. How hard is that?

Apparently it's pretty difficult. We regularly get people coming in all pissed off because we won't turn the pump on for them.

The thing that gets me is that some people will wait a looooong time for the pump to be turned on. I usually just wait until they give up and come inside, but if they are standing out there for over 10 minutes waiting for the pump to be turned on, then I feel bad and go outside and tell them they have to pay first. Seriously though, who waits over 10 minutes for a gas pump to start working? Wouldn't you go inside before then and ask what's going on?

And then we get these people:

Customer *storming in*: Could you turn on the pump? I've been waiting there for 5 minutes.

Me: You have to pay first before you can pump.

Customer *storming up to the register*: Well, I don't know how much it's going to take!!!

And then they stand there and stare at me. Well, I don't know how much it's going to fucking take either, it's not my car.

So I tell them that they can leave their credit card or drivers license with me while they pump the gas. This usually pisses them off more and I get the irritating sigh from them. The irritating sigh is made even worse when their breath stinks.

Just once I'd love to tell them to go fucking get their gas somewhere else. I wouldn't get fired, would I?


  1. When stations first started the pay before you pump thing, it annoyed me. Then, I worked in a gas station, and I totally understood!

  2. haha. I was sitting in my car once while my husband was putting in the gas. a car pulls up to the pump in front of me. this girl, gets out, goes over, puts her credit card in, puts it in again, puts it in again. from where I'm sitting I can see that she is continually putting the card in the wrong way. ummm, the little picture by the card input thing shows you which way to put your card in. the most hilarious part tho was, she threw her arms up in the air, with that, "why won't it take my card look" PRICELESS

  3. You'd probably get fired. People will try anything to take the spotlight off them. You seem to be the person they shine that spotlight on. I'm glad you don't let them.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  4. I always prepay. I know my car well enough to know within a few dollars how much it will hold. So it isn't completley full but within half a gallon - who cares. I just prefer prepay rather than using my debit card and getting an ENORMOUS charge and I don't use credit cards much (those get out of control too easy!)

    Sorry you have to deal with crappy people so much!

    Hope you have an awesome day off tomorrow!

  5. If you've had your car for any length of time you should have a rough idea of how much gas it will take. I know I do. I always use my debit card at the pump though, it's just much easier.

  6. Man I would be pissed at them too. I mean really what gas station does anyone go to that doesn't have this policy? I mean unless you are a usual customer that fills up $40 worth every Tuesday, then hell no I am not chancing turning on the pump for you to drive off. I will never forget being with friends that did that once. I was so embarrassed and mortified by it, I never rode with them again.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. hi from the LBS tea party! i have yet to see a blog written from the POV of a cashier! interesting to see you side of things - glad to be following! :)

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