Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here's Your Change, Satan

It's funny watching people get all freaked out and nervous when their total comes to $6.66.

Some people start to look a little pale, others look around uncomfortably as if the Devil is lurking just around the corner ready to steal their pack of smokes...or steal their soul, whichever comes first.

Usually I'll play it up too, and go "Uh, oh, you better buy something else" just so we sell more.

I've learned that Satan's numbers are great for business. People will be quick to buy anything just to get $6.66 off the screen. I usually suggest they purchase something we need to get rid of, or something that's expiring soon.

I've never seen anyone smile or go "Cool!" when their total is $6.66. Usually I'm the one smiling because I know we'll sell more.

Sometimes I'll try to get people to play the lottery with 666, but I rarely get any takers.

I wonder if I can rig something in the store to automatically play an evil Satan-ish laugh when someone gets that number. My guess is that a lot of people would piss themselves. On second thought, bad idea. That means more clean-up for me.


  1. Lol, I always laugh and say, "I guess I'm going to hell today", lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Hah! I've said that to people, but they didn't like that very much. ;-)

  3. Haha. That would be hilarious if a satanish laugh would happen. Even if you just had a little button you could push. ;) "cleanup at the register"!

  4. That is hilarious. My college campus was shaped like a big 6, and when you walked through one upper corridor and looked down, there were three 6 shaped benches in a row. We used to bring Freshman up there and point it out to watch them get really uncomfortable in their choice of school.

  5. Getting reactions out of 666 is an ab-so-lute hoot! This never happens over here in France! I'm still hesitating whether 'tis a good or a bad sign for us Europeans lol ;) But try '69' and you'll have reactions aplenty... Are we just sex-crazed, or what? I love your stories, have I told you that already? Don't think so, thus here we go again: I do love your way of telling your stories! Best to you.

  6. Before they raised prices when we went to McDonalds and ordered our two breakfasts the total was $6.66. We always laughed and said we were ordering the evil breakfast combo.

  7. when my son was on an aircraft carrier, the USS Ranger (also known as the "Danger Ranger") it's ship's number was 666. Lots of trepidation about that ship! (But we, not being religious anyway, thought it was kind of funny.)

  8. Oh my Gosh. I hate you. My ribs hurt SO BADLY! No lies. This is genius. Please, please do it. It's so worth the cleanup!

  9. Hilarious! People truly get all worked up over stupid stuff like that. (I guess to them it beats getting worked up about more important stuff where you actually have to DO something other than quake in your boots!)

    Love your blog - read it every day. Love how bold you are. heh

  10. Just found your blog (I also work retail), and about peed myself laughing at this entry.
    The next time I get a $6.66 come up on the register, I think I'll try giving an evil laugh...



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