Monday, April 19, 2010

You're Signing With What?

I come to you today as your friendly neighborhood cashier.

I bring you a warning.

You know those pens that are sitting on the counter for you to sign your credit card with? Yeah, you don't really want to touch those.

My advice? Bring your own pen to sign credit card slips with.

You have no idea what people have on their hands right before they touch that pen. The pen is easily handled over 500 times per day by people that have just sneezed, wiped their nose on their hand, picked their nose, coughed, and anything else that you can imagine.

I even saw a customer that wasn't paying attention actually put the pen in her mouth while she was waiting for the credit card slip to print out. She put it in her mouth and started biting down on the tip of the pen.

I was too mortified to tell her what she was doing. It was like one of those mirages, where I wasn't sure what I was seeing.

I think that common illnesses can easily be wiped out if people did not use the public pen. Think about it. You might be signing your credit card slip with a pen that was just touched by a person that just picked their nose and needed a place to transfer the booger to.

Or a guy that had his hands down his pants scratching his balls. He might have even left a pube on the pen.

So remember, bring a pen or sign at your own risk.


  1. ROFL Oh sheesh. Another phobia for me!

  2. I was going to say I enjoy giving my immune system a workout, but then I got to the part about pubes and gagged. Lesson imparted, cheers for the visual. :)

  3. Hilarious! I actually think about that, but like a fool, I use it anyway. Oh well, I guess it's building up my immune system. :) Cute blog--saw you on SITS!

  4. I always use the debit feature so I have to put my pin number in rather than signing with a card...and I am one of those complete goobs who bought the little hand sanitizer rubber carrier that clips to your keychain & I sanitize before I make it back to my car.

    I've worked as a cashier in is disgusting what people do with pens...


  5. I always use my own pen, but I can't get around using the stylus they provide to tap in your debit card PIN. But then I always scrub down when I get home and try to be aware not to touch my face at all while I'm "infected."

  6. o yes we seldom care less about this thing but its a big thing to be safe

  7. This came to mind as I was signing my receipt today. Always carry sanitizer!

  8. OMG! I can't believe she put it in her mouth! Well then she deserves what she catches for being so dumb.

  9. That is so friggin funny and true. I wouldn't touch one of those pens with surgical gloves on.
    I'm loving your blog. If you dont' mind, I'm going to tag along...

  10. That is disgusting! I have a friend that used to be a probation officer and she had pens that were specially marked for her weekly parolee's..We heard stories like this all the time from her...makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth...

    Stopping by from SITS...thanks for checking out my blog on my Feature Day.

  11. I found your site after coming from AAYSR (Ask And Ye Shall Receive - ) the extreme blog review site that you submitted your blog to for review (as have I - I haven't been reviewed yet).

    I love your site and have spent the last I don't know how long going completely through your archives. One thing that bugs me though. All these people who leave comments and refer to coming via SITS. WTF are they talking about. An explanation (like I gave about AAYSR) would be nice.

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