Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Crappy Kid Story

Today we had another kid come in with his mother. This kid was about 5 years old and the mother must have decided that she didn't feel like watching him in the store.

This little brat decided that he would destroy everything in his path. He knocked things off shelves, opened up packages, and broke displays.

When one of the employees confronted the mother about this, she replied with "Oh, he's just a bad kid" and continued getting her coffee.

So the employee decided that he would charge her for the bags of peanuts and candy bars that this kid opened. What did the mother do? She decided to argue about it because she didn't think she should be charged, stating again, that he's "just a bad kid".

The funny thing about this was that there were 3 people sitting outside in this mother's car, so this crappy kid didn't need to come into the store at all.

This was one of those times that I wish I had been there, because I probably would have gone all Jerry Springer on this woman.

People, our job description is CASHIER, not BABYSITTER. Watch your kid when they are in a store with you. If they break shit, then YOU have to pay for it. And people wonder why prices are so high. It's because we have to make up for it when you get kids destroying products!


  1. Maybe she wouldn't leave the little bastard in the car because the people in there would kill him...
    the crap you put up with is amazing! (makes for a good blog though)

  2. Yes, Ma'am. I promise I will be good in the store from now on. I am not a bad kid.

  3. So the kid sounds like a devil, but look what he was a product of, a mother who clearly does not nor probably ever did teach him proper behavior. "Oh he's just a bad kid." And you are a shitty mom, way to set an example of child rearing at it's finest!

  4. And she will continue that mantra when he's out robbing banks and murdering people.

  5. Pat Tillett: I DO put up with a lot of crap, don't I? :-)

    Bossy Betty: That's what I would have taught him if he were mine.

    Old House, New Look: Shitty mom, you are EXACTLY right!

    Nanny Goats in Panties: Yes, she will be the enabler.

  6. Yeah I can't stand kids running around in the stores. I almost want to knock them down and walk away.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Are you kidding me? The mother's response was "He's just a bad kid?!"

    And then she had the gall to fight about paying for what her kid opened?!


    I make all three of my kids (10, 7 and 4) put their open hands in the air before we leave a store so I can verify that they did not pocket a pack of gum on the way out.

    And yeah, I have caught my 4-year-old palming a pack of Tic Tacs. However I did not buy them because she did not open them.

    Note to self: I hope she doesn't learn to rip stuff open so I have to buy it.



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