Friday, April 23, 2010

Leave Me Your Wallet

Today I was working at the register, and the pump sound went off which means that someone wanted to pump gas outside. We don't turn the pump on for anyone, the pumps are always pay first unless you are a regular and we recognize you.

So I look outside, and this guy keeps staring in at me but I have no idea who he is. Because I am a wonderful cashier and generally nice person, I decided to turn the pump on for him. But I still wrote down his license plate, just in case.

So this guy finishes pumping and comes in to pay.

Customer: Um, I don't have any money to pay for the gas.

Me: Then why'd you pump it?

Customer: Because I grabbed the wrong card and didn't realize it til now! (he said this yelling at me).

Since he had his wallet in his hand, I told him to leave his wallet while he went to go get money. He did.

Now, just so you know, if you get an attitude with me for no reason, I will look through your wallet. Which is just what I did.

I would never take anything from someone's wallet. But the reason I do look through them is:

1. To see if there's anything interesting in there to look at.

2. If you knew that I was looking through your wallet, it would probably piss you off even more.

This guy didn't have anything fun to look at in his wallet. After about ten minutes he came back in and paid for his gas. He never suspected that my dirty hands were all over it.

Maybe next time he'll remember to pay for his gas the first time and not give me an attitude about something that was his fault in the first place.


  1. I've checked out with a buggy full of groceries and realized that I couldn't pay. Embarrassing! I had to go home and get my credit card and go back to the store. Twice! The second time all I had was a credit card, and they only took debit cards or cash. Shopper beware! By the way, I didn't blame it on the cashier!

  2. I have never forgotten my card or money...but now I have jinxed myself, so I will be sure to be nice to the cashier when it happens!
    Thank you for stopping by on SITS day!
    504 Main

  3. I was good that you didn't take anything out of his wallet. What you should have done, was to PUT SOMETHING IN IT...I don't know what exactly, but something crazy...

  4. I always have this thing with looking through people's wallets...its just interesting...I know...but I don't take anything out of it!



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