Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Beer? Yeah Right!

No, you cannot have another case of beer for free if you drop yours on the ground outside.

The other day I had some customer argue with me for a half hour because he wanted to get another case of beer for free - all because he dropped his last one on the ground outside. And that's somehow our fault.

I saw the whole thing happen too. He bought the beer, a 24 bottle case of beer, and on his way out was carrying it with one hand. As soon as he got outside and headed for his car, I slowly saw it teetering in his arms and then it just fell. Boom. Crashed all over the place with glass everywhere.

He looked around to see if anyone saw; of course people did because we had a full parking lot. And then he marched right back in demanding he get another case of beer.

Because I couldn't tell him to f*** off, I politely explained that it wasn't our fault and once you leave the store it becomes your responsibility. Well he didn't like this answer and went on about how he was going to call the owner and get me fired.

Please do!

Anyways, he ended up stomping out of the store with no beer in his hands and he also left us glass all over the parking lot to clean up.

Please - carry your beer in both hands. That stuff is precious!


  1. One time I was waiting in my car at the liquor store while my friend was inside buying a few things. I watched this guy come out of the store carrying a paper bag by the top of the bag (and it didn't have handles!) Before I knew it, the bag ripped and his wine bottles shattered everywhere! I saw him storm inside and just thought how lucky I was to not be the one of the workers at that store who probably had to clean up his mess AND deal with his attitude!

  2. That guy totally knew what he demanding was wrong, otherwise he wouldn't have overreacted when you told him no. It's that whole "Methinks you doth protest too much" business.

  3. What does he think? He dropped an ice cream cone?

  4. Oh my gosh! I had this happen to me when I was working at a ritzy country decor store in college! This crazy woman broke a really expensive item, she dropped it putting it in her car and just could not fathom WHY we wouldn't give her another one for free. Ridiculous!

  5. What is with the sense of entitlement that people have. On the other note I've totally smashed a case of beer and when I went inside to ask to get a broom and shit to clean up the glass outside they did replace my beer. Maybe that's because I looked forelorn, sad, but came to clean up my mess anyway when I could have been the ass that these people were.

    Ooh, and I gave you an award on my blog. I'm still loving your stuff here.

  6. Oh no! I can understand why he'd be upset, beer is important stuff. That is why I clutch it to my chest like a baby before strapping it down in the passenger seat.

    (Here via Absolute Write, btw. Good stuff!)

  7. Hi stopping by from SITS Tea Party! Sorry I'm late!

    That is like the ultimate party foul! What a dbag, like you owe him because he's clumsy!

  8. Ok, I totally get the reason why you couldn't give him a free one, but I know his pain. I have dropped a cup of pop or watched my kide ice cream fall off the top and have been meet with a no. Pisses you off but you know they can't just give you another.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  9. Sara Fields: Sadly this happens to us all the time. Why we get blamed, I have no idea.

    Nanny Goats: Yes, I think his pride wanted him to win the argument. :-)

    Chrissy: Beer probably is as delicious as an ice cream cone to him. ;-)

    Stephanie: I know! If I ever dropped something I sure as hell wouldn't go in an embarrass myself by asking for another one for free.

    Sarah with Scissors: We've actually done the same thing; given customers replacements for stuff they broke. It's all about how you come up to us. If you demand something, you aren't getting it. Thanks for the award, I will post about it soon! :-)

    Wulf: Me too. And that is why I've never dropped it. ;-)

    Angelia: Yes, he sure was a dbag. Well said! :-)

    Redbonegirl97: If it was pop or ice cream for a kid, I'd give them another one. But a 24 case of beer? Hell no. :-)



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