Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Cheaper Somewhere Else? Really?

Convenience: Anything that is intended to save resources (time, energy) or frustration.

One thing I hear a lot at my job is "I can get it cheaper somewhere else."

From milk to gas to candy bars, people constantly inform me that somewhere else in the world has a price that is cheaper than ours is.

And they're right.


Because we are a CONVENIENCE STORE.

We are here for the convenience of the customer. You aren't going to find any sales at our store. There are no blue light specials, or rollback prices or even manager's specials. The only discount you will get is if I happen to ring your stuff up wrong and don't notice what I did.

I'm not sure why people tell me this stuff all the time. What am I going to do about it? Usually when they tell me, I just look at them and say my basic response of "I'm sorry, I don't make the prices here, Sir," when in actuality I want to say "Okay, then get your ass out of here and go spend $10 in gas to get it cheaper somewhere else."

I hear this a lot with gallons of milk. People complain that the grocery store has it cheaper. Of course it does! But you have to spend a half hour in the checkout line to get it cheaper.

My store is here so that you can get in, get out and go home. Please don't stand there and argue prices with me. I don't care if Walmart has a box of crackers for 10 cents cheaper. I don't care if you can get a 20 pack of condoms for the same price we sell 3 packs.

By complaining, these people look cheap to every person that is waiting in line behind them. I know, because customers talk about these people after they leave. But that's fine by me, because I love gossip and drama.


  1. I hate when people complain about convenience store prices. That's why it's called "convenience." Geez...

  2. My first job was at a movie theatre. I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was, but people came in all the time telling us they remembered buying movie tickets for a dime. Yeah, sure you did...in 1936!

    Now I'm sure they say, "I remember buying movie tickets for $3"...which was movie tickets cost when I started that job.

  3. I don't think the general public understands that to find the best price you have to go look for sales, clip coupons and go there. I have a bodega on my corner. I can walk 7 blocks to A&P and pay $3 for trash bags or I can go to the corner and pay $5.

  4. I work at a retail store where everything is cheap and still they want more taken off. if a sign is posted to the wrong product they still want the cheaper price because the sign was there. The sign that said something else was on sale. Really?

  5. People really complain about the price of condoms? Maybe I'm old school, but that's not exactly a product I clip coupons for. It's just weird...maybe it's just me.

  6. I'm not too bothered about the price. If I don't like it I won't buy it.

    But as a customer one thing really annoys me. If the price on the shelf doesn't match the price at the till :-(

  7. Now I'm cheap and I shop sales with coupons, but when I do shop at a convenience store (for convenience) I understand that the price is higher and either accept it or go without. This is usually when we travel, and need a drink/snack, etc.

  8. Lauren: That's EXACTLY what I say to everyone!

    Single and Sane: Yeah, we get people in telling us they used to buy cigarettes when they were 25 cents. Now some of them are $8 a pack.

    Cougar Tales: I agree. While it's nice to get a discount, you DO have to do a little work for one.

    Siren: I'm going back and forth everyday pointing out to people that they read a sign wrong and the huge can of Monster they want to buy is not on sale for 50 cents. At least I'm getting my exercise though!

    Supermanslady: People complain about everything. I honestly had someone come in once, complained about condoms and then went and bought saran wrap instead. I was mortified thinking about what he was going to do with it.

    John: That annoys me too. Or places where there is no price posted at all. If I see that I usually walk out of the store.

    Linda: Yes, you are one of the ones that understands my rant. :-)



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