Friday, April 30, 2010

You Won on the Lottery? Go Away.

We are open 24 hours. Why? I have no idea, because we mostly get the freaks and creeps in the middle of the night.

But my point is that many businesses don't open until 8 or 9 a.m.

So, why do people think they can bring a $500 winning lottery ticket in to cash at 6 in the morning?

Awhile ago, I had just started my shift. We had this guy come in that threw his lottery ticket down on the counter and demanded that we pay him the $500 that he just won.

It was 6 a.m., I was not fully awake yet, and we had tons of cranky customers in the store that just wanted to buy their coffee and get to work.

Plus, I didn't have any money in my register to cash this ticket. So I told the man that he would have to come back later and he started getting on my case that since he bought this $1 lottery ticket here, he should be able to cash it there.

That's nice and all that he won, but I couldn't have cared less. I 'politely' explained that we didn't have that kind of money that early in the morning and this was when he decided that he wanted me to call the manager and wake him up to come down and cash his ticket.

So of course I start getting irritated and told him to go somewhere else then. So he kept asking why we wouldn't cash his ticket. I finally told him that if he wanted his ticket cashed so badly, then I would call the police and they could come down and cash his ticket for him. While I'm saying this, I'm picking up the phone dialing the police. (Works every time.)

He looks at me, grabs his ticket from the counter, and flicks me off as he's walking away.

Of course this just angers me more, but it's too early in the morning for me to start swearing at him in front of customers.

Why he couldn't wait a few more hours to cash his ticket? Who knows. All I know is that if you are bringing your big winner in to cash before the sun comes up, then you'd better turn around and go sit your ass in your car for a few hours, because we aren't a bank, and we don't have that kind of money so early in the morning.


  1. You'd think people would have the common sense to figure that out...

  2. I shall remember this next time I win the lottery!!

  3. Hmmm, anywhere I've ever played the lottery if your ticket won over $100 you had to go to the lottery office and get your money.

    I know you can't do it but it would be tempting to give him $250 and tell him there's a $250 asshat fee. Think of it as "hazard pay" for putting up with his abuse. *grin

  4. What a way to start off the morning!

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

  5. LOL, that is crazy. Yeah people are crazy. I remember when I was a cashier at a grocery store people use to want large amount of change first thing in the morning and get mad when I didn'y have. It's like be smart folks.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  6. LOL!! I totally agree.! I used to work in retail myself, years ago. I now work in an office at a CPA firm. I vowed NEVER to be in retail again. Customers S.U.C.K!! I'm obviously a customer too but knowing what cashiers go through, I'm a nice one. I HAVE however, come across a SUCKY cashier! I bet she didn't think I was a nice customer then but she deserved it! lol

    Happy Monday and stopping in from SITS!

  7. May he had to go buy drugs, or a hooker... at 6 am.

  8. Haha dude, I received your comment about the video of my dad so I decided to check your page out. I have read every single one of your entries dating back to this date and I have to say... it is hilarious. I always wondered what cashier's think. You remind me of like a cashier version of I dunno.... well you have the cynicism of Carlin. Hilarious man. You could make a television show about the random, most often times over-looked absurdity that takes place where you work. Bravo man.

    Btw, are you able to download the tweetmeme or twittler plugins? If so let me know, I will retweet ya. Not looking for reciprocation, I just think this is funny shit.



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