Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Customers Afraid of the Po-Po

Last week sometime, a few customers came in asking me what all those cars were doing outside. They said there were 4 or 5 cars in our parking lot, near the street and about 10 guys standing around.

Since I'm just a cashier and don't pay attention to anything outside (or inside for that matter), I didn't know.

But I became curious after more and more people wondered what was going on outside. Finally I figured it out by the FBI jackets the guys were wearing.

I figured the FBI was using our parking lot as a congregation site before they went and busted some poor sap.

While this whole scene seemed pretty boring to me, what DID peak my interest was the customers that noticed the FBI standing outside in the parking lot.

I watched as customers got out of their car, and openly stared at the FBI while slowly walking into our store. Then once inside our store, their eyes were fixed on them from inside the whole time, even while I was ringing them up.

Many people didn't notice at all, because they were tired and sleepy and on their way to work.

But the ones that made me laugh my ass off were the ones that pulled into our parking lot, got out of their cars to walk inside, noticed the FBI there and jumped right back into their cars and sped away.

I wonder what those customers are guilty of!


  1. LMAO Sorry. I've just been reading, not commenting. But I LOVE your stories!

  2. I'm just still laughing over the title of todays post! My husband taught my 2 year old to say "There's the Po-Po" every time he sees any police car!

    I'm with you though...I too wonder what they are guilty know.

  3. Hi there! Your title of your post is what got me to your blog! I work for the po-po as a po-po dispatcher. Its classic to watch how people react when they see the police in the area. My favorite is when the police helicopter is up and the phone starts ringing off the hook. "Why is the helicopter above my house?" Please. You are either a) not that important or b) you are wanted! Good stuff!

  4. Dee: Thank you! :-)

    Supermanslady: I had to google 'Po-Po' before I did it just to make sure I was using the right slang. Urban Dictionary has never steered me wrong. :-)

    Mary: Hah. I know! I wonder how many customers of mine are actually criminals if they are running away from the cops like that!

  5. I love the term po-po. I used to date a cop and it annoyed him when I would say, My boyfriend is the po-po.

  6. Yeah I probably would have been weary too if I saw te police outside a gas station. I think I'd be saying, "where's the body?" or "what drugs were they selling here?"

    Peace, Love and Chocolate



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