Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eating Breakfast, Go Away

I start work pretty early in the morning, usually around 5am. I never eat breakfast before I go to work, that's just too early for me. Instead, I eat a few hours later, at 7am. This is my routine every day, and it does not change.

I apparently have not yet learned to go stand and hide behind a big display or something when I'm eating.

We usually get the same customers everyday at the same time, when they're on their way to work.

These customers will stop in every morning at the same time I am eating; 7am.

These same customers will then make a comment to me about me eating every single day at 7am.

Usually it's:

"Eating again? Heh heh heh." or "Everytime I come in here you're eating."

Or they will look at me and make big chomping faces as if their face is stuffed with food.

How they expect me to find that funny is beyond me. It's 7am, I'm still tired and I'm eating my breakfast. You come in at the same time every day, maybe I seem to be 'eating all the time' because I eat my breakfast at the same time everyday too!

I've even done little experiments. One day I'll be eating something healthy like an apple, and the next day I'll make sure I eat something that is totally bad for me, like a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich dripping with grease and covered in syrup. No matter what I eat, I still get the same reactions.

In conclusion, if you make a comment to me when I'm eating that I eat all the time, then you will experience the little things I do to get my revenge.


  1. Hi,
    First let me say thanks for visiting my blog. I thoroughly enjoy your stories, and hope that some day you can eat your breakfast in peace. I, too, used to eat my breakfast at work, but at my desk in my office. I was first in (except for a couple co-workers who were busy and didn't bother me) and was finished long before anyone else got there.

  2. Ah customer service. It's a thankless job, and you often wonder how some people even manage to dress themself in the morning.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  3. Oh, I feel for you. I hate being disturbed when I'm eating

  4. Linda: I wish I could finish breakfast in peace, but I have to eat in between ringing up customers. Usually I don't mind, except when they make their comments.

    Jenn: I completely agree.

    Here Mum Roar: Me too. Hate it!

  5. On a similar vein, I don't know how often clients come bother me on my freaking lunch hour, looking for tech support ON MY LUNCH HOUR, and take a look at what I'm eating and critique it as they I give a flying fig what they think about MY lunch on MY lunch hour. People are idiots.



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