Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, Allow Me to Pick Up Your Trash

I was ringing at the register today when a woman came in with her little daughter. The kid was probably about 3 or 4 years old and was eating one of those mini muffins.

The woman gets her cigarettes, and starts gathering her stuff to go. Meanwhile, I'm watching the kid, who is extremely adorable, eat her mini muffin.

So then, the kid drops the mini muffin on the floor, onto our carpet. The kid reaches down to pick it up and the mom goes, "Oh, that's trash now, don't eat it."

I figured she would reach down to pick up the mini muffin that her kid had just dropped. But no. She picks up her kid and walks out the door, leaving the crushed mini muffin that she had just stepped on, crumbled all over the carpet.


  1. People are idiots....that's what's wrong with our world today......

    These kinds of people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!

  2. Some people...and that's enough said.

  3. I would've said, ma'am you left something.

  4. Inconsiderate! We even clean the crumbs off the table at fast food places.

  5. Jenny Brown: You are so right.

    Lauren: I agree.

    Kat: I was about to, but it was 6am and I was just too freaking tired.

    Linda: It makes me wonder what some people's houses look like inside.

  6. LOL, that is horrible. No home training.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Oh no! what poor form....

    just been reading down all the latest posts, love how entertaining it is - even though some of it sounds so shitty for you!



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