Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Which Way is the Mall?

Because we're a gas station, people come in asking for directions all the time.

Since I pretty much know everywhere in the city, this isn't a problem.

However, when someone asks me for directions and there happens to be a male customer in the store, I've learned to just be quiet.

Men seem to want to prove their manliness all the time by cutting me off while I'm in the process of giving directions.

I guess they think that since I'm a girl, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Today a customer came in wanting directions to the mall. The simple answer I give is: "Go up this way three lights and make a right."

I've never had a problem or any complaints with these directions.

But no, the 3 male customers standing behind the person asking for directions all cut me off and started talking at once and each was pointing in a different direction on how to get to the mall.

It's even funnier when I know the men are giving the poor customers the wrong directions.

This stuff used to piss me off, but it happens so much that I just keep my mouth quiet and let the man customers be all manly. This also happens when I work with a male co-worker. Customers will automatically come in and go right to the guy instead of asking me for directions.

In those cases I hope the customer gets lost. :-D


  1. What is with that? Men can be so aggravating sometimes! Lol.

  2. lol... men are stupid! and ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! Don't you forget it :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Funny post! :)

  4. Funny how some men love give directions but won't ask themselves if their life depended on it!

  5. Men always seem to think they know how to give directions best - yet statistics show the purchasers of Garmins & Tom Toms & GPS systems are somewhere around 80% male!

    Hmmm???? If they knew how to get there...then why buy something to tell them??? Just saying...

  6. Jeanette is right!

    And two men trying to give directions are the best. Such a pissing contest.

  7. Everybody has something to prove, sad it has to be that men are capable of getting simple things all screwed up :)

  8. I'd like to stick up for my gender on this one, but I can't...



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