Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Things I Hate: Slow Talkers

"Can you give me a pack of Marlboro?"

"Sure." I go and get his Marlboro's and come back.

"Um, lights."

Okay, he didn't say lights, but whatever. I go get his Marlboro Lights and come back.

"Umm, 100's."

I stop and stare at him. "So you want Marlboro Light 100's? Anything else before I walk back over there? Because whatever I grab, is what I'm bringing back and that's what you're going to buy. I'm not walking back again."

I can't stand when people won't tell me the full name of what they are going to buy BEFORE they watch me go and grab the wrong thing.

I'm a fast worker. You tell me what kind of cigarettes you want and I run to grab them. Only takes me a second. So don't do this:

"I need a pack of Marlborrrrooooo (here's where I'm walking to the Marlboro's) Liiiiighhhhtts (Putting my hand on a pack of Lights) umm...100'sssssssssssss (Moving my hand up to the 100's) ummm,....Box....

At this point I've tried grabbing your cigarettes 5,000 times before you decided to spit out what you want.

Quickly. Say these things quickly! I don't have time to guess what you want while you're dealing with your hangover or smoking withdrawal from the night before. Don't blink your crusty eyes at me because you just woke up at 3pm on a Wednesday.

Please...just keep the line moving!


  1. ::snort::

    been there...done that.

  2. NO CIGARETTES FOR YOU!!!! you sound like the soup nazi from Seinfeld :-)

  3. I feel exactly what you are feeling...I have people constantly tell me they would like a coke, watch me as I put ice in a cup, pour them a coke, hands it to them, then they say No Ice...I just look at them couldn't tell me that when you are Watching me put ice in your cup?!?

  4. Oh, people like that would drive me crazy! I don't know how you handle it.

    Happy SITS Saturday, BTW! =)

  5. You are a much more patient woman than I!

    Happy Saturday Share Fest from SITS!

  6. Funny! :) I'm surprised you're not in the fetal positon at this point. :) Happy SITS saturday!

  7. I've been there and done that too. What I disliked the most about my cashier days I had to tolerate allot of crap, but boy under my breath I was saying exactly what I wanted to say out loud, lol!

  8. Supermanslady: Me too. Every freaking day. :-(

    Kat: YES! They do the same thing to me with bags! I may have to dedicate a post to just that. :-)

    Funky Mama Bird: It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. :-)

    Linda: It has taken years of practice. And therapy. ;-)

    reasonably chubby: I have been before...I've had to go to my dark place.

    Fallnangel: Thanks!

    Jodi: It's tough having to put up with some of the general public.



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