Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Hate: Heavy Breathers

One of the many things I hate is customers that are heavy breathers. You know the type: they come up to the counter to buy their cigarettes and are huffing and puffing so bad that you can smell what they had for dinner two nights ago.

The other day I had this guy come up to my register. I knew he was a hardcore smoker because he bought 5 packs of non-filtered cigarettes. Anyways, he's at the counter, grabbing onto it tightly, and breathing heavily in my direction.

No, he wasn't trying to make a pass at me, I think he was trying to stay alive.

So I tried to dodge his puffs of air, but I swear they were like missiles that followed me around. Soon I gave up and just let him continue to breathe on me because really, there was nowhere I could go.

I look around and noticed that he was breathing so hard that papers were flying everywhere and my hair was flowing in the breath wind just like a supermodel.

Luckily this guy didn't have stinky breath like most of the heavy breathers do. But he did stay up there so long trying not to die that I felt like I had windburn on my face after he left.

Please, try not to breathe so hard when you are at the register. It's not fair to us cashiers.


  1. ROFL I'd never thought of that...but yep, had customers like that. ugh!

  2. 5 packs of non-filtered cigs = cringeworthy. I wonder how long they lasted him.

    Heavy breathers creep me out, but luckily I rarely have one all up in my face. Bad breath or no...that's still gross.

  3. Eeewww, that would just gross me out. I have this pet peeve about people breathing on me. Especially smokers on campus who blow their nasty smoke breath in your face as they're walking to class. Just nasty...

  4. hahaha - sorry too funny. :)

  5. I have been following your blog for a week or so and I love it! You always bring me a smile. Thank you!

  6. LOL!! That was funny. Thanks for my laugh for the day!

  7. The only way this could be worse is if you crossed a Heavy Breather with a Close Talker

  8. That was funny! " missles!" LOL



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