Monday, April 26, 2010

That's Crack-tacular

Well it was another wonderful weekend as usual working at the store.

This time I was stocking products onto the shelves. And one thing I've noticed when stocking is that no matter where I am in the store, someone will always decide that they have to look at the exact product that I'm trying to stock.

It's always the same; they will be walking past me but then see me there and stop. They will peer over my shoulder to see what I'm doing and continue to stand close enough that I can feel their breath on my neck. They will continue to stand there until I'm forced to say 'Oh, did you need me to move so you can look at this product?' and they'll say 'Oh no, you're fine.' and continue to stand behind me.

So I've learned that the best way to stop people from doing this to me is to make sure my butt crack is showing.

I will purposely wear low-riding jeans so that every time I bend down, my crack will be showing. If you don't think this works, trust me, it does.

No normal person wants to see another person's crack. I, personally, don't enjoy showing my crack, but it sure does keep people away from me.

If you work in retail, try it sometime. Or if you are a customer and notice an employee's crack, that is code to stay far away from that person. They are just trying to do their job.


  1. bwhahaha Oh goodness. Too funny.

  2. You know, it's funny. I am sure the cashiers/stock people always know exactly what I am looking for and therefore stock that item just to piss me off. It always happens. I haven't seen any butt cracks yet, I guess I must not be breathing hard enough.

    You crack me up!

  3. That would be a good place to store the "pen" from your post of last

  4. where I come from...showing your thong that GETS attention...I suppose...showing your butt crack here would probably get some attention from the weirdo rednecks too...

    Lol...funny though...very funny.

  5. You crack me can one person have SO MANY hilarious stories about cashiering? You're too funny!

  6. Dee: It's so funny sometimes I want to cry. :-)

    Jen: Don't worry, butt cracks will come to those who are patient. ;-)

    Pat Tillett: lol Yes, you're right!

    Supermanslady: I've seen some disgusting thongs in my time.

    Jenny Brown: I must attract all the f-ed up people, I guess. :-)

  7. One of my old coworkers did the buttcrack thing. It totally worked, especially since she was out of shape and middle aged.



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