Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Answer That!

I'm going to step out on the other side of the cash register for a moment and talk about annoying cashiers. Yes, it's rare, but there are some out there.

One thing I hate is when I'm waiting in line and HAVE been waiting in line for awhile, and the phone rings behind the register. Instead of taking care of the 5 customers in line, some cashiers will answer the phone. I fucking hate that.

If the phone rings while I'm ringing up customers, I will let it ring. Whoever is calling will call back if it's important enough. Usually it's just some asshole calling to get the winning lottery numbers because they are too lazy to check them online or call the hotline.

I get serious road rage when I'm waiting in line and watching a cashier take care of someone over the phone. If you HAVE to answer the phone, put them on hold then.

I think I'll carry a pair of scissors in my purse so that the next time this happens, I can walk right up to the register, past the lines of people waiting, and snip the telephone cord. Maybe then I'll get some good customer service. Either that or handcuffed.


  1. That is SO annoying. "Annoying" doesn't even cover it, really. "Enraging" is more accurate. The people in front of you should require your full attention before worrying about who's on the phone, for pete's sake. Recently, a department store clerk said she couldn't help me (ring up my purchase) because she had to place an order for a customer who would "be back soon" and then she turned her back to me. Huh.

  2. you are the highlight of my reading day. I swear. I want to be your BFF and partner in crime.

  3. You could also cut off a chunk of the cashier's hair! That would get their attention. Of course, it might also land you in a jail cell.

  4. Kathy English: I would have complained to her manager. I try to be nice to people, but I don't like to get walked all over either, so that's when I open my big mouth and say something.

    Dazee Dreamer: Thank you! I could use a partner in crime.... :-D

    Linda Medrano: I've thought about that, but I've seen some of the people we hire, and I'd never want to touch any part of them.

  5. Answering the phone while waiting on a customer is a big no no in our store, however I've seen a lot of the girls do it at night. Very annoying

  6. At my job, we would get in serious trouble with Corporate if we didn't answer the phone within 3 rings. So there I'd be with a line of about 6 or 7 people, because God only knew where my backup cashier was, and then the phone would ring. Incessantly. I'd literally just set down the phone, only to have it ring again. So I'd apologize profusely to the customer, and try to transfer the call elsewhere. I learned to multitask like a freakin god. And the best day of my work-related life was when we got a new phone system that had the automated "if you'd like to talk to this department, press 1. If you'd like this one, press 2". So they were no longer sent directly to MEEEE!!! yay.

  7. I answer the phone if it rings with a customer, but I'll do it very quickly and continue ringing items through/giving change and tell the person on the phone to hold while I do so. No big deal.



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