Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here

Yesterday the air conditioning was out at the store. This wouldn't be so bad normally, but it's been 90°+ outside lately.

I like the heat, but not when I have to stand still in it. We had the front doors open and fans blowing, but it just wasn't cooling down enough.

And to make it worse, I had to hear about it from every customer that we didn't have air conditioning.

No shit, Sherlock.

I swear people like rubbing things in our faces. We had to hear about how we had no air, about how it sucked to be us, laughing that we were cheap and trying to save money, and the list goes on. I must have heard "Why is it so hot in here?!?" over 100 times today.

After awhile I started to zone out and I guess I was staring out the window, because a customer came up to me and asked if I was out of it. Once I came out of my heat-induced stupor, I told her that I was probably daydreaming that I was anywhere but here. I have no idea why I was staring out the window. I think I blacked out for a few minutes because even my brain was sweating.

Word of advice: If you notice that something is not normal in a store you come into every day, don't make it worse on the cashier and laugh at them for their current misfortune. I'm sure they notice the sweat stains under their armpits and the way their hair is frizzing up from the humidity. You don't need to point it out.

I remember every single one of you today that thought it was funny that we had no air. Just wait, I'll get you back. Next time I see you I'll drip sweat onto everything you buy.


  1. Reminds me of that Dennis Leary song, you know the one..."I walk around in the summertime sayin' "how about this heat".

  2. ha. wouldn't it have been fun to put a big poster size sign on the counter, "welcome to hell" hahahahahaha

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  4. I worked on the top floor of an architectural firm in Oakland that had windows all along one side, and no air conditioning. Some days it got to 110 in that damn office. A little fan really did very little. They need to fix your air pronto!

  5. The air is working in our store but unfortunately it doesn't help much back in the bakery. I take trips into the freezer just to cool off

  6. GREAT advice. Funny, I was in a Food Lion and they have this new recorded coupon thingie right by the door. The cashier has to listen to it talking ALL DAY. I caught myself... I was about to say, "Doesn't that thing drive you crazy?" but I DIDN'T. Are you proud of me? I figured if the poor person had managed to block it out, they did NOT need me to remind them!

  7. We had the SAME ISSUE at our store this week. Not only did the AC blow up on us Saturday but the company told us that we couldn't have our manager's friend fix it due to corporate policy. So instead of him fixing it Tuesday, we have to wait for a guy that should've been in Wednesday (but didn't show) to tell us that he needs to order a part to fix it, which we already know about because of the managers friend. Best part? One of the most important people in the entire corporation is visiting our little store tomorrow to see how we're doing. Hope he's in shorts and a wife beater, or he'll fry.

    I cannot STAND it when the customers tell me how hot it is. "WOW, it's really fucking roasting in here! *glare*" oh, really, because i've been here all day and i DIDN'T FUCKING REALIZE IT. And stop copping an attitude with me. I get touchy when it's warm nd I sweat. Girls aren't supposed to sweat. I get frustrated right back because hey, after they leave the store they get to go in the air conditioning, while i stand at my cash register in front of the window right where the sun happens to be shining in... or on my hands and knees scrubbing the damned tile for the head honcho. The ONE WEEK...

  8. i know EXACTLY how you feel. like when its really hot out i have to hear from almost every single person about how hot it is. i know theyre trying to make small talk but dont you think ive noticed and heard this about 100 plus times? it sure oesnt make MY situation better. at least they get to drive back in their airconditioned car to their airconditioned homes and eat the ice cream and popsicles they just bought.



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