Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Tall Are You?

We have this customer that comes in who is about 7 feet tall. He's a really cool guy; always making jokes and generally seems happy. He also drives one of those tiny cars so it's kinda funny to see him all stuffed inside of it when he pulls up to the store.

He came in the other day while I was ringing up this obnoxious woman. As soon as she got one look at this tall customer, her eyes got wide and she started talking loud. REALLY loud.

She went on and on with things like "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW TALL YOU ARE" "YOU ARE SO FUCKING TALL! JESUS CHRIST!" and on and on until her voice was hurting my ears.

You could tell that the guy gets this kind of reaction all the time, and that this woman's reaction was annoying him but he was too polite to say anything. I started feeling really bad for him because this bitch just wouldn't let up.

I, for once, didn't open my big mouth though, because this woman is one of those vicious lottery ladies that would probably slice my throat with the edge of her lottery ticket.

After she left though, I talked shit about her to the tall guy just to make him feel a little better. Yeah, I'm a wuss.

What I should have done was started telling her that she had the biggest ass I had ever seen and that I couldn't believe how big it was. But again, I was worried about death by lottery ticket, so I stayed quiet.


  1. Must have been tough to keep your mouth shut..I don't know if I would have been able to.

  2. you should have asked if she wanted to buy a lotto ticket on, guess the size of his dick. just sayin. :O

  3. "death by lottery ticket"

    CLASSIC! So completely would use that as a title for a book...if I ever actually got around to writing one!

    Lol! :-)

  4. Actually, he's a "big" boy and can probably take care of himself. My husband is taller than average (way taller!) and he's heard it all and usually just smiles and moves on. Nice of you to want to retaliate for him but it probably would have annoyed him even more.

  5. Damn. Actually the woman probably WAS the biggest ass you had ever seen. How stupid and annoying.

  6. She'll never win the lottery with that attitude!

  7. It's so hard sometimes not to say the things you really want to.

  8. Why would she need to speak louder? Is that like when I speak to stupid people online and type slower? I don't get it, but then it's late and I'm tired. And you don't swear more than necessary.

  9. I got this comment too when I used to work as a cashier. The odd thing - I'm only 5'9". People be weird.



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