Monday, July 5, 2010

When It's Your Time to Go, It's Your Time to Go

I make friends with a lot of the customers. Yes, there are some people I actually like out there. Sometimes a lot of time goes by where we don't see many of them. The only way I know what may have happened to some customers is to check the obituaries.

I look through the obituaries in the newspaper every time I work. About 5 times out of the year, I find a customer in there. Someone who I usually just saw the day before in my store.

It's kind of creepy seeing their picture in there when you had no idea anything was wrong. And usually nothing was wrong, most of the time they died suddenly.

I've seen a young guy in there that I was just hassling the other day about expired coupons...he committed suicide.

I've seen a guy that called me the wrong name for years...I'm just too polite to correct some people.

I've even seen a lady in there who's mother had died a month before.....she missed her mother so much her own health had started to deteriorate.

It's sad when customers pass away. Sometimes I show up at the funeral or wake and their family members are always surprised to see a person like me; someone who only saw them briefly every day, but otherwise knew nothing about them.


  1. That is so nice of you. I often wonder if the cashiers that I have become friends with even notice that I don't come to the store anymore when I've moved. I think of them all the time. I've always attributed it to the fact that I'm just weird and hope they think of me.

  2. Alex and I have a couple of friends who we met when they were cashier's for us. Sometimes, people are such sweethearts you really want to get to know them better so we do!

  3. Nice blog post. I wonder if the Indians who run the conviencence store I stop at all the time will come to my funeral...probably not.

  4. Dazee Dreamer: I get sad when some of our customers usually means I will never see them again.

    Linda Medrano: That's awesome. I've made lots of friends too that are customers. I'm always getting invited to parties and cookouts with them.

    The Gangster of Love: Hah, probably not because they aren't as awesome as I am. ;-)

  5. My POSSLQ delivers oxygen... he gets to know some of his customers. And when he gets the call to come and collect their equipment, it's almost always a bummer for him. (Almost no one gets better and doesn't need it, he has to collect the equipment because they've died).

    He wants a new job because he says he just feels too much like the Grim Reaper.

  6. There are a lot of senior citizens in the town I work in. I've gotten to know quite a few of them and it is sad when you hear that one has passed away.

  7. YOU are a good person. Good people go to funerals and wakes of acquaintances...because they know how much it would mean to them to be remembered...for even such a small part of their life.


  8. Wishing there was a "Like" button for this post...=) You are an awesome person!!



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