Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excuse Me Sir, You Dropped Your Drugs

I could seriously become a drug dealer with all the drugs we find around the store. I'd be a successful one, too.

If I go outside to clean up the parking lot, I can usually find quite a treasure. Besides all the condoms and puke laying around, sometimes I will find money. Most of the time though, I will find baggies with drugs in them.

I don't work in a bad or dangerous area; these drugs are mostly dropped from teenagers whose parents buy them brand-new expensive cars when they turn 16 and run around town thinking they can do whomever or whatever they want.

One time a young punk came in, and on his way out he dropped a bag of weed. I went and picked it up and threw it out. A few minutes later, the punk comes back in and you could tell he was searching the ground for something, but there was no way in hell he was going to ask us.

Now I'm no drug connoisseur, but I'm thinking I could get a pretty penny for some of this stuff. But what do I do with all of it? I either throw it out or flush it down the toilet. We don't need any whacked out druggies coming in here in the middle of the night shooting us for money to get their next fix.


  1. Wow, every now and then I have found some weed on the fence to my yard. I'm like really, is this a place to hide your stash. It always goes into the trash.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. You totally should have asked him if you could help him. hahaha, would have loved to see him hem and haw about it. Or say something like, did you drop something. I saw a so and so type person pick something up a minute ago and drive off. that will teach em.

  3. Dazee, that would be have been perfect. Or tell him a cop came in and picked up something on the floor. Ha!

  4. RedBoneGirl: Everyone thinks their hiding spots are the best. Until someone finds the stash.

    Dazee: Yeah, I should have asked him, but I was too surprised that he actually came back in looking for it instead of speeding off and forgetting about it.

    BeauSaxon: Yes, the cop thing would have been perfect. I'll have to remember that for next time. :-)

  5. I would have asked him if he lost something and if maybe he could describe it for

  6. I would have rolled it up and smoked it.

  7. And now you know why I refuse to sell syringes without a prescription where I work.



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