Monday, July 19, 2010

Shitty Parents Are Among Us

There's this woman that comes in every day that I do not like. She buys lottery tickets every time she's in and usually spends about $30 each day on them.

Sometimes she brings her son in. He's a nice kid, about 12 years old.

One time they were in my store together, and she was buying her lottery tickets. He kept asking her if he could get some candy and she said no. He kept asking and asking, and you know what she did? She slapped him across the face in front of everybody to get him to shut up.

He didn't cry or anything, but was really embarrassed. Now, I understand not wanting to give your kids every single thing they ask for in the store, but that's no reason to hit them. She has no problem buying her lottery tickets every day, but couldn't spend $1 on her own son?

It makes me wonder how much more abuse she gives at home if she can slap him in front of everybody like nothing.

I didn't see her hit her kid, but I was there that day. It made me wonder what I would have done if I would have seen that happen. Would I have said something? Or not?

What would you do? If you saw a kid get slapped in the face for asking for candy, would you say something to the parent? Or would you stay out of it?


  1. I don't know for sure if I would have said anything to her at the time, but I definitely would have gotten her license plate number and called the police and/or Children's Protective Services.

  2. I hate seeing parents hit kids. And I think Jeanette has the best idea of all. Not getting personally involved, but file a report with CPS and have them check her out. Really good advise.

  3. I have to agree with the other commentors, but if I was in the right mood, I probably would have totally reamed her a new one. Told her I was going to take one of her damn dollars and buy the kid some candy.

    God, I hate things like that. That goes in the catagory of "does God really give a damn"

  4. Tough one because I know I would WANT to say something but you never know how someone is going to react. I like Jeanette's idea of getting the license plate number though

  5. YOu could always ask the child,"Are you all right" but of course you know he isn't - he's mortified - and that puts him in the awkward position of having to acknowledge that mom smacked him for no good reason. What a total bitch - Some articles I've read have suggested the bystander be neutral as possible, but address the parent with something like this. "Looks like you're having a really bad day. Sometimes it's hard being a parent, isn't it?" and then the parent is supposed to calm down a moment in the face of your non-judgemental remarks and acknowledgement of the fact that a child is crying/tantruming/etc. and the parent isn't handling it well.

    Or, you could just take that plastic "sign you checks here" place mat that many gas stations have on the counter and smack that bitch upside the head and then say, "Oh. Did that hurt? This job doesn't pay me enough to deal with rotten bitches who abuse their kids. I don't have any lottery tickets FOR YOU."

  6. LOL My evil side is SO with Kathy's second suggestion!! But Jeanette's is the one I would have gone with, FOR SURE!! One of my old bosses at Home Depot posted a FB status the other day about a woman who locked her kids inside the car to go plant shopping in the garden section! Windows up, car turned off...and we're in Austin, land of the 90% humidity and heat index of 105 degrees everyday. And that parking lot is in full sun, let me tell ya'. She posted it saying how disgusted she was, but didn't call the cops or alert Loss Prevention in the store, or anything! Makes me want to smack people flat across the face. One of my favorite quotes is, "Evil is what happens when good people see bad things being done and do nothing." Not sure who said it, but I sure do quote it a lot. LOL I feel really bad for that poor kid, who must get face slapped an awful lot if he could take it without crying like that. I can't even get an accidental smack from one of the kids without getting all teary-eyed....that shit hurts!! I would have told him to go pick out whatever candy he wanted, on me. And then dared that bitch to say something to me about it. LOL One of these days, she's going to get what's coming to her. Too bad that day wasn't the day.

  7. I wouldn't have said anything, because she's clearly a horrible or drug-addled parent; I can't imagine a situation where it is OK to slap a kid across the face. I would have immediately called the police or child services, since that's child abuse.

  8. I would have said something. Then she would have said something. Then I would have responded in a louder voice. Then the cops would be called. It would be a whole "thing".

  9. I just found you, my sister in cashiering! My parents also own convenience stores and I started helping out when I was 12. I'm still doing my thing, grocery-style. I'm superpsyched to dig into your blog.

    It's hard to judge parenting (I'm also that and write another blog about it) but hitting any child (12 year olds who look like grownups are still children) in the face is never okay.

    Unless you are Dina Lohan.

  10. ^^^^ "Unless you are Dina Lohan"

    AMEN SISTER!!!!!


    Seriously though - I spank my son from time to time (as needed/rarely) and not here to start a debate on that. Trust me it's RARE and very well thought - not gut reaction thing. I HATE seeing parents lash out at kids vocally or physically in public. Or anyplace. Discipline is needed in kids, but it can be done peacefully in love and rationally.

    Sorry you had to witness this. I'd let some garbage juice drip on her next ticket purchase if I was you.



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