Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

People were vicious this weekend! Some of them must have gotten a firecracker shoved up their ass...or at least deserved to.

This punk comes in on Saturday wanting to buy cigarettes. He was wearing a wife beater shirt and a pair of swimming trunks.

I ask him for his ID, and he looks at me, holds his hands up and goes, "Uhh, where do you think I would put an ID? I don't have any pockets."

I have a few places he could shove his ID.

So I tell him that there might be room in his ass crack if he squeezes his cheeks together hard enough. Drug addicts and jailbirds have learned to use that convenient storage area very well.

He laughs and thinks I'm joking around and going to sell him cigarettes. Once he stops laughing and sees the look on my face, he turns around and walks away. At least this one didn't put up a fight.

Just because you come in wearing nothing that has pockets, that doesn't excuse you from having to present your ID. Nice try. Come up with something better next time.


  1. ID or not, the wife beater would have placed him on the 'no service' list.. just because I hate those things.

  2. From my experience, most customers I deal with are ready with their IDs when buying beer or cigarettes. The ones that don't are obviously underage.

  3. Oh no you didn't? LOL

  4. LOL Love your answer. Funny he couldn't carry his ID into the store but he could carry money to pay for the smokes. What a bone head.

  5. ::snort::

    I sure wish you worked at my local convenience store. I'd be a good customer. I don't even buy cigarettes, beer or lottery tickets. I simply pump gas. That's it. That's all I need. :-)

  6. Oh, silly customers! Have you ever seen The Acts of Gord? It's about a video game store owner, but the tone reminds me of your blog a lot.


  7. Midwestern Mama Holly: That is true. I should have told him to just turn around and go somewhere else. It had brown stains all over it too.

    The Gangster of Love: Newports are one of our most popular cigarettes.

    Jeanette: Thank you. :-)

    Anonymous: Same here. The young ones always try to get away with shit.

    Grace: I always do. :-)

    Dazee Dreamer: Dumbass is right. We have a lot of those around here.

    Ann: Never thought about that...I would have mentioned it to him.

    Katie: I'm sure I would like you then. ;-)

    Steve G: No, I've never read it, I'll check it out now. :-)

  8. LOL Loving that asscrack comment!!! xD Texas law says we have to ID if they look younger than 35, and once we've asked for ID, they can't not show it, or no beer/cigarettes. People used to get all flattered that I was ID'ing them, then get SUPER DUPER PISSED that I wouldn't back down and sell it to them anyway. And they would get REALLY pissed that I wasn't allowed to take passports as a form of ID...OMG, the drama!! LOL But being me, I was always secretly glad to be able to say NO to people...guess I'm just bitchy like that. xD



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