Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun With Google Search Terms

For those that don't know, Google Analytics will let you know what search terms people put into Google to find your blog. I don't know any other specifics than that. All I know, is that there are some pretty bizarre people out there looking for shit.

Here's what people searched for to find me:

1. butt tacular - I've used the word crap-tacular and crack-tacular, but never butt-tacular before. What exactly did they expect to find?

2. butt crack tacular - Wow, this person was persistant.

3. horny cashier - Hmm, aren't all cashiers horny? Again, what did they think they'd find? A website called

4. do cashiers judge customers - Absolutely! The moment you walk in the door we are probably wondering what crap you will put us through when you reach the counter.

5. hate working at a gas station - Me too, buddy. Me too.

6. i hate touching cashiers - I'm not sure where you are touching them, but I'm sure they don't like it either. Maybe you should be in jail?

7. minimum western union nigeria - Whoever searched for this term probably sent money to a scam. All scams comes from Nigeria!! If you send $200 to Nigeria, you will not receive $1,000,000 in return. How hard is that to understand???

8. things to do to make a cashier mad - Wow, I hope the fuckface that searched for this isn't a customer of mine.

9. im a cashier and i feel like a loser - Don't worry, we've all felt like that at some time. Just blame it on the crappy customers.

10. cracktacular - God, give it up, will you???


  1. LOL! I'm going to have to try that!

  2. Does make you wonder, doesn't it. I do love stopping by here, I'd say something along the lines of making lemonade from lemons but I hate that ole saying - what the hell else are you going to make with lemons????

  3. Bwahahahahaha. Now that was funny as heck.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. This is amazing! I love this! You rock!

  5. cracktacular is just a fun word!!!

    Um...I found you through SITS...just so ya know.


  6. SITS visiting and blog following. OMG - those search terms are too funny! I'm definitely going to look into that. I love your sense of humor by the way. Thanks for making me smils. Peace. :)

  7. Ah! You're hilarious. I JUST looked at my search terms earlier today. People are crazy. Someone searched "merde tube porn." Is this a french shit tube? I don't know.
    I might have to make a list too. Such a good idea.

  8. So when did you say Cracktacular? C'mon, you know you did or they wouldn't have found you. :-)



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