Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Call for This Customer

Worked night shift last night. Usually it's uneventful but last night there was drama.

Had a drunk driver come in.

As soon as I saw him pull in and park sideways in the parking lot, I knew. So I told myself that if he tried to buy beer I wouldn't sell it to him. I refuse drunks all the time for beer, so it's no big deal.

So I watch as he stumbles in and almost knocks over one of our displays. He comes up to me and buys cigarettes. I take a whiff and he reeks of alcohol. So I turn to my co-worker and ask him if we should call the cops. He ends up getting on the phone with the cops while I finish ringing this guy up.

So the guy leaves, gets back in his truck and peels out of the parking lot. A few seconds later I thought I heard something being hit, but when I went out there I couldn't see anything.

Long story short, they caught the guy, but not until after he hit his neighbor's car and totaled it. Oh, and his tire also fell off during some point and he was driving without a front tire.

I guess people called in saying they saw a truck on fire...must have been the sparks flying from him not having a tire.

Looks like the guy refused a sobriety test, so we have to hand the camera footage over to the police so they can put him in jail where he belongs.

What an idiot. I hate drunk drivers. One less drunk loser off the road.


  1. Oh my gosh! So glad you guys called.

  2. Glad you called and got him off the road. Thanks from all of us!

  3. Chiming in - REALLY glad you called. Sometimes the only way to get a drunk off the road is for someone to make the effort and call the cops.

  4. Jeanette: Yes, let's hope he's off the road for good. Although I doubt it around here...

    Chrissy: Me too. I always call on the drunk drivers.

    Bossy Betty: :-D

    Janiss: A few others called on him too, so at least others were aware of this jackass as well.



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