Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a Dog-gone Shame

We used to have this customer come in that would bring his dog in the store. That's fine and all, but you need to be holding onto your dog when you have it in the store, not have it roaming around jumping up trying to sniff/eat all the food.

So one day this customer came in with his dog and it was irritating me that the dog kept sniffing around and jumping all over the place, so I told him that he couldn't bring the dog in anymore; that it was trying to eat everything and I'm sure he didn't want to end up paying for stuff the dog ate. He said okay and left.

Well a few months later this guy came in again. And at the time he came in, we had another customer in with her dog, who is on a leash and well behaved. So this guy saw this woman's dog, got pissed, and asked me why she was allowed to bring her dog in if he couldn't.

First of all, no one's allowed to bring their damn dog in the store, but since I'm a nice cashier I allowed it. Second, this guy's dog was frothing at the mouth checking out the Snickers bars and other tasty delights, so I didn't want dog slobber all over the place.

Long story short, this guy got mad and said he wasn't coming back anymore because I was discriminating against his dog. Yeah, whatever.

Someone please get these people away from me!


  1. I believe that makes you an anti-canite.

  2. Don't blame you one bit. I can't understand people who do that.

  3. here in Sweden is not allowed to have a dog in the shopping malls or in the grocery store....


  4. cardiogirl: Fine by me! :-)

    Sally: I never understand people. :-)

    Khim: Here too, many places don't allow you to bring animals in the store.

  5. I can't stand people that think they need to take their dogs with them everywhere! We get people coming through the drive-thru that buy hamburgers for their dogs frequently, even joking about it. Some people have too much money I guess.



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