Monday, May 3, 2010

There's a New Excuse Born Every Minute

So this kid comes in the other day to buy cigarettes.

Me: Do you have your ID? (He looked 12.)

Kid: Umm, no, I just got a new wallet.

So he opens his wallet to show me, and there's nothing inside. Nothing. Completely empty.

Kid: Your coworker knows me though.

Me: Well, she's not here to verify that, so I can't sell you cigarettes.

Luckily the kid just walked away instead of putting up a fight.

But really? You didn't have your ID and your excuse was that you just got a new wallet? Aren't you supposed to transfer your stuff from one wallet to the next once you buy a new one? He didn't even have any money in it, so I wondered how he was even going to pay for it. He'd probably have told me his money was in his old wallet and expected to get free smokes out of it.

It makes me wonder what kind of excuses people use when they go to a bar? And do these dumb excuses ever work?


  1. At bars near my college they may ask for an ID, but if someone else buys you a drink, they won't scope you out to see if you're of age. They don't care that much.

  2. Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing. If he has this perfectly new and empty wallet, where is the money for the cigarettes going to come from?

    It makes me wonder if my little brother has ever tried some moronic thing like this.

  3. Let's face it...earthlings are stupid!

  4. Trust me there is an idiot that would have given him the cigs anyway.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate



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