Monday, May 24, 2010

Part 1 of my Shitty Weekend

Wow, I had a shitty weekend. Every customer annoyed the hell out of me.

Well, only 2 of them really did. No, make that 3.

The first? A lottery customer.

I learned a long time ago not to piss off an old woman trying to get lottery tickets. Some of these people are obsessed and will bite your head off. Just like this old hag.

Every time this woman comes into the store, I swear I die a little on the inside. She's mean, rude and has a bitchy comment to me every time. It's a love/hate relationship. I hate her and she loves her lottery.

This time I was working with a new girl, so I couldn't pawn off this old woman on her. She probably would have quit working for us.

So anyways, this lady wants me to tell her what number every lottery ticket is on. This while I've got a line of customers. So I quickly tell her the numbers and ask her which one she wants. She says, 'I don't know, if you'd move your big body out of the way I might be able to see.'

This pissed me off. Bad.

So I told her she was being rude and to hurry up and get her tickets and get out. This only encouraged her to be even more of a nasty old bitch. I had to stand there while she took 10 more minutes to pick out her lottery tickets and make me ring them up one at a time.

I couldn't wait to get away from her, she made me so angry. I had to take a few minutes break in the back room before I could go back out there after she left.

I hate shitty people and their shitty comments. Especially from the lottery gamblers. I should just wear a sign with the Gamblers Anonymous phone number on it. Maybe they'd get the hint and stay away.

Part 2 of my shitty weekend is tomorrow....


  1. So sorry you had a bad weekend, feel sorry for her - she probably has no friends and is hoping to buy some when she strikes it rich.

    Hang in there. Working with the public is tough sometimes.

    Hope you day is better today! :)

  2. So sorry hun. Those kind of people deserve to get treated badly. I would have stopped ringing and said, "get the hell out here now."

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. It's bad enough to be so rude but to be personal too! People got a lot of nerve!

  4. Sorry gal! Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! :-) See - this is prime example about what I posted about - how we treat people has such a ripple affect! That crabby old lady needs to pack her bags and head to another store and leave our favorite Cashier alone!!!

    Hope this week is better for you!

  5. Wow. I am so impressed that you're able to keep your cool with these people. I would have sold her the first ticket and then told her to take her wrinkly ass back to the end of the line if she wanted to buy another one. I would not be a good cashier.

    Keep smilin'!

  6. Why do people behave like that? I really just can't imagine. That's the kind of old lady you would like to see put in a home! (And I don't mean a regular home!) Old bitch!

  7. I hate customers like that. Sorry you had to deal with her. I can relate to hitting the back room for a breather. I've had to do that on more than one occasion.

  8. Debora: I hope she DOES strike it rich - and gets out of my store forever! :-)

    Redbonegirl97: I wanted to, but didn't want to set a bad example for the new person working with me. :-(

    Jeanette: She always does this crap to me. And I think she's done it to others I work with too.

    Supermanslady: You are absolutely right. After her, I didn't want to have anything to do with people for the rest of the day.

    Le'Ann Ruggles: That's a good idea. I'll probably do that to her next time.

    Linda Medrano: Old bitch is right! :-D

    Ann: I've had to do that a lot over the years. It used to be I'd go outside for a smoke to calm down, but I don't smoke anymore. :-)



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