Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Say NO!

This guy came in this weekend with his little girl. The little girl had a ton of items in her hand, ranging from doughnuts to mini-muffins.

The guy held up two cups of coffee to show me that that's what he was buying. During all this, he was talking like a baby to his little girl. "Okay sweetheart, this woman's going to put all of this in a bag and ring it up for us."

So I did. I rung it up and put it all in a bag. I told him his total and he looked at me funny. Then he whispers to me, "Oh no, I just wanted the cups of coffee!"

Which means that instead of telling his kid 'No', he let her bring up AT LEAST ten items to the counter, all of which I had to put in a bag just so I could play 'pretend' too. Even as the father was telling me this, the kid was bringing up more items to the register and here he is telling her 'Okay, she's going to ring all of this up and put it to the side for us and we will be back later to pick it up' as he sets these new items on the counter.

I get that he probably didn't want his kid crying all over the store, but sometimes you just have to say no! Why do I have to then put every single item back that YOUR kid picked up because YOU couldn't tell them to put it back in the first place?

Who knows, maybe I'll understand more when I have children. But until then I think it's rude to do that to a poor cashier. Put your own shit back on the shelf.


  1. This guy is an idiot..... If he keeps this up......his precious little girl is going to grow up getting everything she wants and turn into a real BI_TCH!

    OMGosh.....Parents these days..........they never fail to amaze me!

  2. I say no. That is just cruel, and only prolonging the inevitable. Because she is going to be crying and screaming later when they don't go back and get all of the stuff. Bah people!

  3. I agree he should say no, explain why and leave it at that. She'll get over it. He was probably hoping to keep her quiet then, and hoping she'd forget about it later.

  4. He totally needs to learn to say No b/c pretty soon she is going to ask for more than chocolate. Is he going to let her have beer just b/c he doesn't want her to cry in the store?

    Shesh, some people.

  5. I feel sorry for that guy when she's a teenager...

  6. That is a father that is not around his kids too much. Like you said he probably doesn't want her crying so he is playing this stupid game with her to make her feel like he is spending quality time with her. Sad.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Yeah - that's not right. I mean for both you and the little girl. She's eventually going to figure it out and throw a BIG fit one day! Screaming and crying, "no you won't daddy, you won't come back ever!" geez...

  8. Jenny Brown: I know! I thought the exact same thing.

    Alison: That kid will wise up one day and realize it and really start to get bitchy.

    Linda: I'm all for keeping kids quiet, but then they learn not to respect you because you're lying to them.

    Jen: Good point!

    Jeanette: I'm sure she'll get whatever she wants by then. :-)

    RedBoneGirl: Well he was on his cell phone for most of his time in there, so that was some quality time!

    My Momma Drama: Yeah, I hope I'm around to see that day happen. ;-)

    Chrissy: Agreed.



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