Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Doughnut Police See All

Today I watched on camera as a customer took a doughnut, hid around the corner and proceeded to scarf it down. It wasn't even a good kind, it was a jelly doughnut.

At first I figured this guy was hungry and needed some nourishment and didn't have any money, but then I saw him grab some beer to buy and that's when I decided to say something.

The customer sets the beer on the counter as I say "Anything else today, sir?"

Customer: No, that's all.

Me (peering at customer): Are you sure?

Customer (staring me down): Yes, I'm sure.

Me: ...

So I decided to ring him up for his 24 oz can of beer as well as the doughnut. Since this guy knew the exact price of the can of beer, I knew he'd notice an extra 75 cents tacked onto it. And he did.

Me: Your total is $1.84

Customer: What? That's wrong, this beer isn't that much.

Me: No, but I had to add in the doughnut you ate over there in the corner.

Customer: ...

And of course, he figured out that he had been caught, so couldn't do anything but pay for his shit and leave.

The doughnut police are watching.....


  1. Bwaahaha what a great story. I'm sure that guy will think again, at least when you are around!

  2. Love this. Hey, we're confessional sisters. I'm confessing living life startled over at Confessions of a Startled Fat Woman. Wish I'd had your balls when I was a cashier. Cruised through from Lady Bloggers. I'll be back!

  3. Good for you. I can't stand people who think they can eat food and not pay for it. Glad you said something.

  4. hahaha! That's awesome. Thanks for my morning laugh :)

  5. LOL . . . . classic response "...." LOL. Great catch.

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. hahahaha - good for you!! :)

  7. I love it!!!!! I see people walking through the store all the time with doughnuts and have to wonder if they pay for them. I'm sure that the cashiers at our store would not be so observant. Since I'm the baker and the one who makes the doughnuts I want you working on my shift :)

  8. LOL, too funny, he didn't even fight it. You're good.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  9. God, jelly doughnuts are disgusting. And what kind of beer costs $1?

  10. Jeanette: Thanks!

    Susie: I hope to prevent another possible crime. :-) Ooh, I'll check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by.

    Writing Without Periods!: I will always say something, I like the drama.

    My Momma Drama: You're welcome!

    Ms. Understood: Thank you!

    Grace: Yes, it is. :-D

    Kathy: I'll say.

    Sally: Thanks!

    Ann: I love being the doughnut police!

    RedBoneGirl: I give them the death stare, they never fight it. ;-)

    Linda: Thanks!

    KLZ: Yes, jelly doughnuts ARE disgusting. There's lots of beer that is $1...they are in tall cans.



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